Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kacianauskas, A. K.

A. K. Kacianauskas(1882-1957), Lithuanian composer.

Kalinnikov, Vassily Serge

Vassily Serge Kalinnikov(1866-1901), Russian composer, studied at the school of Music of the Moscow Philharmonic Society, then played in the theater orchestra. He composed symphonies, and orchestral music.

Kalman, Emmerich

Emmerich Kalman(1882-1953), Hungarian composer, studied at the Budapest Academy of Music; served as music critic for the Pestinaplo; went to Vienna and Paris, settled in Paris and died there. He composed operettas.

Kalnins, Alfreds

Alfreds Kalnins(1879-1951), Latvian composer, founder of Latvian national opera, studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, he worked at the Latvian National Opera, and short stay in New York(1927-33). He composed over 100 pieces of music including operas, ballets, piano pieces, choral music arrangements and songs.

Kalomiris, Manolis

Manolis Kalomiris(1883-1962), Greek composer, studied at the Gensellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna, then taught at the Obolensky Lyceum in Russia. Returning to Athens, he taught at the Athens Conservatory, founded and directed both the Helenic Conservatory and the National Conservatory. He composed operas, orchestral works, concertos, and other instrumental music.

Kanaci, Panajot

Panajot Kanaci(1924- ), Albanian choreographer and ballet master. In 1945 he crated the first dance group, combining miniature ballet and folk dances of different regions of Albania. He was a promoter of the popular dance.

Kantemir, Dimitrie

Also known as: Dimitrie Cantemir.